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Arc 1 Summary

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Hello again, everyone! It seems that Callahan can’t seem to leave well enough alone, and has bugged me to compile a list of the more important goings-ons that each of the three guilds here in Tao have been up to since the past year or so. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much, but it looks like I was wrong... In fact, it looks like all the guilds here have managed to accomplish a great deal since the beginning, much to my dismay. You guys have no idea how cluttered Callahan’s office is, he doesn’t organize anything! He told me to do it myself if it bothered me so much, but he’s not getting free labor out of me. Well, additional free labor, I guess, as I’m not really... being paid to do this. Not with money, anyway; he says that the opportunity to “pore over and absorb such a rich and vibrant history following the creation of the three guilds should be more than enough payment”. He’s full of it, but I can’t complain.

It was rather easy to compile all the information once I actually found all the papers and put them in order, as the guilds here conveniently seem to all assign missions at the same time. Weird how that would be the case, but it makes it easier on me. Anyway. This is gonna take me a while, so I’ll understand if you have to take a break and come back to this a bit later down the road.

Mission 1


It looks like things were relatively peaceful during this month, as it contained only a small amount of minor emergencies that had to be handled by the Rescuers. A guy named Chill the Mincinno gave these orders out; I believe he was the former guild leader? Some Cyndaquil’s Rare Candy was stolen by an Electabuzz, a Cherim--Sherri the seamstress, right?--well, she was kidnapped by a Mightyena anyway, a Girafarig was kidnapped by a... am I reading that right? Sunkern? I wonder if this Chill guy had his info straight... a Wartortle was holding a Joltik hostage, and some Scrafty took Mike’s hat.

There’s not much more written about those missions signed off by Chill, so I will assume that they were all resolved peacefully, and aren’t of much historical importance today. Nice to keep records of all this though, I suppose.

Rescuers Interview

It looks like Mike had an interview with Kathy after the month was over! In it, they discussed the rediscovery of his hat, the feather that he wears atop of it, how he came to Tao Village in the first place, and a strange white rock that he found from... somewhere? He didn’t say. He felt that it would bring on good changes for the Rescuers guild, but couldn’t explain why he felt that way.


Let’s see... Merchants were also rather trivial that month. Candy the Trubbish requested that someone clean up and organize his dump. Where is that guy, anyway? I’ve read about him, but I’ve never actually seen him. We don’t even have a dump anymore, so I guess he wasn’t that important. Auntie Kanga needed someone to organize her storage space, Master Foo wanted someone to clean the graffiti off of his Dojo wall, which was painted by Scrafty. Scrafty, huh? Looks like they weren’t up to much good back then. Haven’t heard anything bad regarding them lately, so it was probably just a phase. The Pidove Postal office needed someone to deliver letters for them, and a Kecleon needed someone to look after the shop during lunchtime. You Merchants were nothing but glorified janitors that month, weren’t you? I’m kidding! There were some more important tasks that month. Twigs over in his Villa was convinced to buy some incense from you guys, a Zigzagoon required an escort to sell items to a Hydreigon near a lava moat, and you guys had to wake up a Snorlax to sell him some honey.

That about wraps it up for the Merchants on that month for missions. Nothing too exciting, looks like.

Merchant Interview

One of the leaders from the Merchants guild, Shroomsworth, also elected to be interviewed by Kathy. I guess Tao was getting an influx of new residents, so it makes sense. No better time to get people to know you as a person, and to hopefully have them join your ranks! In their interview, they discussed that while hiring the Merchants for services costs a bit more than it would to have the Rescuers or Rogues perform them, the Merchants guarantee their work, stating that “you usually get what you pay for”. I’m not sure if that’s bragging about the Merchants, or insulting the other two guilds... Anyway, Shroomsworth discussed how he ended up as Assistant Guild Leader, and revealed to Kathy that he, like Mike, had a strange round stone, but his was grey. He wouldn’t say what it was for, although he seemed to have more of a clue than Mike did.


These guys knew how to assign missions! They only had a few, and they intersected with the Merchants, but it looks like they were all completed successfully. Those guys had to steal money from Twigs the Persian off in his villa, steal gold from the Hydreigon’s cache, and steal food from a sleeping Snorlax.

Rogue Interview

Looks like one of the leaders for the Rogues, Gunpowder, went in for an interview as well, which isn’t a surprise. Doesn’t look like he was too prepared for it from the transcript, however. He discussed how he came to Tao to work alongside Devonshire, the main Rogue leader, and they talked a bit about the round black stone that he had in his possession.


One Accessory Voucher

Event 1

Guild Appreciation Day
Looks like every guild got together, put aside their differences, and had themselves a celebration down in the Spinda Cafe in honor of their success that month. Pokemon from every guild mingled with the other guilds, and a good time was had by all.


One Evolution Scroll

That’s about it for the entirety of the first round of missions, tasks, interviews, and events. I don’t think too much of it was important, save for the round colored stones that each guild leader seemed to have. They all knew that they were important, but either wouldn’t, or couldn’t say why.

Mission 2

It looks like this month had more serious missions and tasks as well as ones a bit more trivial, so I’ll be going over the not-so-important ones first. The ones that seemed to matter will be covered by me at the end of each guild category.


Ovaltine the Miltank was using her girlish wiles to charm Pokemon out of their belongings and had to be stopped, Auntie Kanga’s baby, Roo, went missing and was rescued shortly after, and a Delibird, who was in charge of delivering eggs to Rescuer teams, lost his list of who got which egg. These problems were all solved in rather short order.

Now for the good one! The creepy Lugia, Merlot, owner of Castle Draclugia, was kidnapping nearly every grass-type Pokemon from Sapling Village that she could get her hands on. Mike called upon any Rescuer brave enough to accompany him to liberate the kidnapped Pokemon. After all was said and done, Mike and the Rescuers were successful, and it was found out that one of Merlot’s servants, Magnolia the Lilligant, had been frozen solid by a no-good Weavile named Slasher. Merlot mistakenly thought Magnolia was dead, and, in her grief, started kidnapping grass-type Pokemon in a vain attempt to mitigate her sorrows.

Rescuers Interview

This time it was Chill who went in for an interview with Kathy. They didn’t discuss anything too important, it looks like. Mostly stuff about how cool Chill likes to think he is, and how Mike was on a super-secret mission (rescuing kidnapped pokemon from Merlot). He admitted he had wrongly assumed that the Rogues were behind a string of crimes that had been committed lately, which served to build up tension between the two guilds.


These guys had three rather simple tasks, and one large one. The simple ones were as follows! Styx, the Meowth, had hit his head rather hard and thought he was a Magikarp. Missy, the Blissey who runs the Pokemon daycare, needed some help in watching all the newly born Pokemon, and PK, owner of the Merchant guild, was awaiting on some cakes that were late in being delivered.

Their main mission was to deliver a shipment of eggs to Sapling Village, as the population there was getting rather low due to Merlot’s rampant kidnapping. They could either sneak through Merlot’s castle, which, although while offering a protected route straight to Sapling Village, was a rather expensive expensive toll if caught. They could also choose to bypass Merlot’s castle and go around it through Creeping Forest, which was full of bandits and the like. Shroomsworth chose to go through Merlot’s castle and to negotiate the amount that the Lugia required as a toll. He and her worked out some sort of deal, as he and his crew were allowed safe passage through her castle in the end.


Devonshire makes his appearance during these missions! It seems he was off doing something elsewhere for the first mission, and left the guild in Gunpowder the Gabite’s capable hands. Or claws. He has claws and not hands, right?

An Arbok left the Rogue’s guild and stole several eggs from Missy’s Daycare on his way out! The eggs were stolen back before they were turned into Arbok’s lunch, so disaster was avoided. Devonshire managed to procure a strange device that he attached to a Joltik, said it would pick up sounds and transmit them to another device in his cave. The Rogues were tasked with the mission of placing this Joltik bug somewhere in Mike’s office to eavesdrop on the Rescuers. Also, Gunpowder had requested that any Rogue team remove the Ditto blocking the door to his treasury.

The important mission for the Rogues this month, however, was none of those three. A Weavile named Slasher (who I have previously mentioned) had stolen Devonshire’s wax stamp, and was using it to forge counterfeit letters requesting supplies and other knick knacks. This was a very unfortunate thing, as any trouble Slasher stirred up would start to be in Devonshire’s name. Rogues were to go out with Gunpowder to the Creeping Forest and retrieve the stolen stamp, in addition to teaching Slasher and his gang of Sneasels a lesson. The stamp was recovered without too much fuss, and Slasher and his gang were beaten and humiliated in various fashions.

Rogues Interview

The somewhat-elusive Devonshire was finally convinced by Kathy to come in for an interview! Devonshire confuses Kathy on whether or not he’s the main guild leader with a fabricated tale of how he came to Tao Village, and assures her that the black rock he owns is of no importance. After thoroughly terrifying her, Kathy ends the interview and takes the next day off.


One Accessory Voucher

Event 2

Fireworks Bonanza
Zhu the Emboar, accompanied by his assistants Tam and Aya, were traveling through Creeping Forest to safely dispose of a large amount of fireworks that were contained in a special heatproof bag when they were stolen. Not wanting the fireworks to be set off accidentally by a thief, the Rescuer, Merchant, and Rogue guild leaders all tasked their teams with the mission of recovering the stolen fireworks cache and returning them to Zhu, who would safely dispose of them by way of a fireworks show. All’s well that ends well, and Tao Village had themselves a nice sunset party, complete with colorful explosions in the sky.


One Evolution Scroll

Anana meets Terra

Anana, the owner of pretty much everything in Alomomola Bay, was walking along the beach and thinking about how she’d like to eventually take over Tao Village and get rid of all the guilds in order to maximize profits, when she ran into Terra, a rather sad Bagon who lay face down in the ocean water. Anana took the unconscious Bagon to Lamia, a witch-doctor healer of sorts, who concocted a medicine to help bring her back to health. Anana and Terra exchanged words after she came to, and became friends. Terra now works as Anana’s assistant in Alomomola Bay.

That’s all that happened this month! If there was more, I’ve probably forgotten it, which means it can’t be that important. Right?

Mission 3

Looks like things were starting to get pretty heated this month! Competition between the guilds got pretty fierce, and although there were some grave misunderstandings, I don’t think anyone got killed. Or permanently injured. A group of Zorua kids managed to infiltrate each guild house and write in fake missions, which, when the guild members attempted them, caused a great amount of animosity between guild leaders.


Vergil requested that a team stop a lone Sneasel from stealing eggs from Tao Ranch, a settlement right outside Tao Village that’s, well, a ranch. They farm and stuff there. Syrup the Skuntank, who happens to be Mike’s mom, was attending a ceremony held by the Rogues in her honor, and Mike wanted the Rescuers to make her want to go home.

A Zorua disguised as Chill snuck into the Rescuer’s Treehouse and wrote in a mission to capture Gunpowder, even going so far as to draw up a fake Wanted poster for him! Some misled Rescuers managed to subdue Gunpowder and tie him to a tree near the middle of Tao Village.

The main Rescuers mission finally had something to do with the strange white rock that Mike had in his interview! Chill gathered up a crew of brave fellow Rescuers and set out towards Monochrome Tower, which was guarded by a Cobalion named Estoc. They subdued the guardian and started to race towards the top of the tower before the Rogues and Merchants made it to their destination with their own rocks. Chill did not succeed in time, and was left in the cold, his rock rendered iced-over and useless.


Ovaltine, the Miltank who was previously charming and swindling Pokemon out of their possessions in the previous mission, had been staying away from Tao Ranch for too long. Malt, her sister (who identifies as a male, for whatever reason? Whatever, I don’t care that much about it.) is complaining that her shirking her responsibility to the Ranch is causing no end of problems, so the Merchants resolved their quarrel and Ovaltine ended up going back to Tao Ranch.

Gunpowder commissioned a rather lovely gold statue of Devonshire to present to Syrup for her ceremony, but he when he left, he locked up the Rogue’s Headquarters and forgot to give Shroomsworth any kind of access into the building! The Merchants infiltrated the Rogue barricades and delivered the statue in a timely manner.

Another Zorua kid made their way into the Merchant’s hut and forged a letter, claiming to be PK. In it, they told the Merchants to go into Chill’s treasure room - by force, if needed - and to take treasure equal to the amount he owed PK. All of this was a farce, although some Merchants fell for it and ransacked Chill’s room.

The main Merchant mission dealt with defeating Coliche, the Virizion who guarded the entrance to the Icy Cavern, and to reach the center of the maze within. PK made it to her destination before Chill and Devonshire, rendering their stones useless.

PK’s Interview

(Happened before the M3 Merchant Missions)
Due to Kathy taking the day off, PK was interviewed by Chuck the Farfetch’d, a rather inept, bumbling excuse for a reporter. He asked a variety of inane questions and received impatient answers, until he reached for and was bitten by Sandy, the Deino. Sandy revealed that she snuck into Tao Village via the cart Shroomsworth used to cart eggs to Sapling Village in during a previous mission, meaning she was previously a servant in Merlot’s castle. He asked about the grey stone the merchants had, only to receive another vague answer.


Iceburg at Tao Ranch had an excess of produce that the Rogues were to liberate and give out to poor, hungry Pokemon - namely the nearby Slowpoke Settlement. Syrup the Skuntank’s ceremony was being held, and the Rogues saw to it that everything went smoothly, without interference from the Rescuers, who attempted to crash the party on Mike’s command.

Yet another Zorua, this time disguised as Devonshire, wrote another phony mission, this time for the Rogues! He had the Rogues vandalize PK’s shop, and steal as many items as they could from it, and to drop them off at a predefined point near the Illusory Woods. This all seemed rather suspicious, but some Rogues evidently had the mentality of a Mareep and did it anyway. PK was absolutely livid at the Rogues when she got back from the Icy Cavern.

Their main mission was to meet up with Devonshire and to defeat Degue the Terrakion, the guardian of Monochrome Tower, and to make it to the altar at the basement of the tower before Chill and PK managed to do the same with their respective stones. Devonshire was not successful in this mission, and rushed home, leaving the now-useless stone in the tower.

Merlot’s Interview

Chuck managed to secure an interview with the fearsome Merlot, of Castle Draclugia! How he did that, I have no idea. He continued his streak of asking useless questions, and in the process of doing so, found out that Merlot once had a friend she cared for very much; a Marowak who left her castle decades ago and never returned. Her father died over a century ago, leaving the castle as her inheritance.


The stone that PK managed to get to the Icy Cavern maze summoned Sorbet, a legendary dragon type: Kyurem. Small arguments broke out between guild leaders as they each found out what the trickster Zoruas made their members did, and PK was quick to blame Palette, a ex-Rogue Zoroark painter who previously made a living out of scamming Pokemon by making shoddily-painted canvases appear to be masterful works of art. Devonshire overheard this accusation and offered to take care of Palette, feeling somewhat responsible for how she turned out. PK agreed. Sorbet the Kyurem’s presence in Tao drastically altered the weather, causing it to snow. With the cold came a weird sickness due to the abrupt climate change, and Quaak and his assistants tasked the healthy Pokemon with gathering ingredients for a cure.


One Accessory Voucher

Event 3


Teams were to either gather the ingredients necessary to create a medicine for the sickness, or to work alongside Poppy in actually blending the ingredients together for the salve.


One Evolution Scroll

PK’s Request

Palette was determined by Vergil and his Patrat Patrol to have been murdered during the night, with the cause of death being arson. She was trapped inside her blazing house with no escape, and perished. All suspicions were pointed towards Devonshire, but, due to the lack of any evidence against him, nothing was done. PK was grief-stricken when she realized she had condemned a Pokemon to death by someone else’s hands. It was later revealed that Palette was alive and well, hiding out in Devonshire's tunnels.


Shroomsworth, under coercion by the Slasher gang, attempts to resign from his position as Assistant Merchant leader. Shroomsworth, who was worried for PK, attempts to have her stay out of it, but she discovers Slasher’s plot and thwarts it. Slasher, not one to be taken lightly, makes good on his threat to alert Merlot to the whereabouts of her escaped servant, Sandy the Deino. Merlot takes him lightly and kicks him out, which forces him to take even more drastic measures to get his revenge on Shroomsworth and PK.

Using Rhodes the Sneasel as a distraction, he manages to kidnap Sandy. Shroomsworth and PK run after them in an attempt to get her back, and Slasher meets up with and throws Shroomsworth off a waterfall cliff, falling with him as well. Shroomsworth’s broken leg from the fall allows Sandy to find the two by scent, and she manages to kill Slasher before he is able to kill Shroomsworth.

After all is said and done, Shroomsworth convinces PK to give the impoverished Sneasels a chance at redeeming themselves by granting them a bit of land and financial assistance. Rhodes currently works as a guide for the Merchants.

A Deal

Mike gets figuratively stepped on all over in the Spinda Cafe by PK and ultimately Shroomsworth, and after having his sister insulted, snaps. He yells at PK and leaves, and this eventually gets Shroomsworth to convince PK to apologize to Mike.


A Sneasel broke into Merlot’s library and attempted to steal a book from the Pokedex section labeled “Deino”, which contained information about that species of Pokemon. His attempt was met with failure, however, as he was stopped by Caldera the Chandelure and Lexy the Eevee. The Sneasel managed to bypass Caldera, but was ultimately knocked out by Lexy. The Sneasel awoke outside the library with a feather missing, which was taken by Lexy and added to a book titled “Sneasel”.

Holy crap, a lot went on this month. I’m surprised everyone is still alive and well! Aside from Slasher, that is. Looks like that guy got what he deserved, really. I don’t think anyone is going to cry for him.

Mission 4


Lexy was found to have a rather large collection of books each devoted to the study of a single Pokemon species, and the Rescuers were to challenge the Eevee librarian to a battle of wits in order to retrieve a library card, and with it, the privilege of legally renting any book they’d like.

Strawberry the Buneary has asked the Rescuers to help her out with a strange situation. Udon the Dragonite has claimed to have been sent to Tao Ranch by Merlot in order to take all of the produce that had been growing there, which is unacceptable. To make matters worse, Udon wanted Ovaltine and Iceburg to accompany her to the castle. The Rescuers settled the conflict peacefully, and Udon went back home to Castle Draclugia.

The first part of their main mission was to meet up in front of the entrance to Snowy Village. A Skarmory by the name of Shiv has been holding the denizens within hostage, and the Rescuers were gathering their forces to overthrow him and save the villagers. The second part of their main mission was a direct confrontation with the villain Skarmory up in the Whispering Peaks. Shiv was in control of a strange artifact called the Icicle Triangle, which allowed him dominance over all things ice, including Ice-type Pokemon. He was eventually defeated, and the triangle was recovered. He managed to severely injure one of Chill’s sisters, leaving her permanently disabled. Chill did not return to Tao with the other Rescuers, choosing to stay in Snowy Village to take care of his sister.


The Doctors who made their appearance in the previous event have requested that the Merchants retrieve for them more ingredients to make additional batches of medicine, as it seems that there are still some sick Pokemon stragglers. Merchants were instructed to deliver this medicine and to accept no payment, due to PK’s feeling of guilt in causing the situation in the first place by summoning a giant, frozen legendary ice dragon.

Rhodes led some Merchant teams through the Creeping Forest in order to pick up some of the leftover members of Slasher’s gang, and to look for Slasher’s cache of treasure and return it to PK and Shroomsworth. Merchants were instructed to recruit an ex-gang member Sneasel if they wished, and to prevent the Rogues from obtaining any of them at the same time.

The first part of their main mission was to receive a letter from Shroomsworth requesting permission to enter the library in Sapling Village, headed by Arianna the Roserade. PK’s ice dragon, Sorbet, had been speaking in tongues, and thought that there would be a book in the library able to help decipher his strange language. Part two of their mission was dealing with Arianna. She had suspected that the arrival of the Merchant teams held nothing good in store for Sapling Village, and used her Thistle Whistle to summon a blockade of thorny vines. Merchants were to help PK retrieve the books on Sorbet’s cryptic language from Arianna, and to get her to lower the blockade.


Gunpowder wanted information on Sorbet the Kyurem as well, and sent his Rogues out to Merlot’s castle to infiltrate Lexy’s library. Unlike the Rescuers who attempted to outwit Lexy for a library card, however, the Rogues simply infiltrated past his defenses, snuck past Caldera, and stole books related to the Kyurem.

The Rogues were also sent out to Creeping Forest in order to convert as many of the Sneasels there as possible to Rogues members, in addition to preventing the Merchant teams from recruiting any. All treasure from the Slasher gang found was returned to Gunpowder, who promptly hoarded it.

The first part of the Rogue’s main mission was to meet Devonshire on the outskirts of Prismatic Jungle during the daytime. He had previously gone ahead in order to scout the jungle out. It was unknown at the time why Devonshire requested teams to meet him there, and absolutely no dragon-types were allowed to come. The second part of the Rogue’s main mission was to avoid an enraged Tivoli. Devonshire had accidentally cursed Tivoli’s daughter, a shiny Larvitar named Ribbons, and this caused the ruler of the jungle to start rampaging, chasing after Devonshire. Rogues were to avoid both Devonshire and Tivoli and sneak into the Tyranitar’s temple base and make off with an instrument known as the Draconicello, which allows one to control the minds of dragon-types. They retrieved the instrument successfully, and all escaped with no fatalities.


Mike receives a package from Chill, which contains a letter of resignation which congratulates Mike on becoming the new Rescuers guild leader, and the Icicle Triangle. An Ampharos named Fresnel appears and snoops through Mike’s mail when he’s not around, and uses the information obtained in it to console Mike to some degree of success.

Rogue teams have retrieved the Draconicello and are being chased through the jungle by Tivoli, who is abruptly stopped by Devonshire. Tivoli is somehow no match for him, and is sent back to his temple.

PK decides to steal the Thistle Whistle from Arianna after talking to her.

Dmitri the Zangoose is introduced. He is seen walking with Chex as the little Cubone goes about his business in sorting and collecting bones. Dmitri detects Devonshire and attacks him, believing him to be a threat to Chex. Devonshire admires the Zangoose’s action, and asks Dmitri to accompany him to Tao.

Fresnel manages to win over the heart of Maple by playing instruments, and is allowed to stick around after Maple gets annoyed at Mike for disliking the Ampharos.

Bluegill the Swampert appears, and he has a message for Finnegan, Gunpowder’s real name. They get into an argument, and Bluegill leaves without being believed by Gunpowder. It is unknown at this point in time what their discussion was about.

Tivoli expresses discontent that his Draconicello was stolen, and mentions that it will take quite some time to gather his forces, but neglects to mention what for.

Fresnel is able to teach PK how to use the Thistle Whistle to repair Shroomsworth’s broken leg after her failed attempt, which caused him to break his other leg.

Sorbet announces to Tao Village that he has something very important to say.


One Accessory Voucher


Gunpowder realizes that in order to earn respect amongst the other guild leaders, he should become a bit more responsible. Sorbet makes him realize he should not try to be something he isn’t, and removes his eyepatch in order to take on a less piratey demeanor. He participates in an act of generosity by buying a large quantity of berries to be distributed amongst the Merchant guild leaders, which wins him some admiration from Shroomsworth.

Event 4

Sorbet’s Birthday
Sorbet has announced to Tao Village that his birthday is coming up, but instead of everyone giving him presents, he wishes for everyone to give presents to each other, and to hold a party for him. PK initially objects to paying for the party, but reconsiders when she realizes that all the Pokemon in Tao will most likely be purchasing merchandise from her in order to use as gifts.


One Evolution Scroll

Mission 5

The missions in Mission 5 were available for any guild to do. There was no restriction.

Sorbet is on a rampage! He is destroying much of Tao Village, and the intense blizzard he has summoned with his powers is making it very hard to see, and causing more destruction than he himself is causing. An emergency evacuation effort was formed, which involved helping Pokemon out of collapsed buildings and getting them to Devonshire’s Law Firm, which had an evacuation tunnel dug out for just this kind of situation. Tao Ranch also had to be evacuated in the same manner, although this was more dangerous, as the ranch is a small distance away from the village and warrants treading through feet of snow.

Devonshire’s evacuation tunnel was being blocked by an angry Heatran, and teams were to pacify or subdue him in any way without bringing the tunnels down.

The main mission of Mission 5 was to distract the rampaging Sorbet in order to lead him away from Tao Village in order to reduce the amount of damage his blizzards were causing. He was unresponsive to every Pokemon, and it was made apparent to the readers that he was under a severe hallucination, which drove him insane with rage.


Sporegard from Sapling Village has gone missing, and Arianna is in a panic to find him, and it was revealed that he had a letter to deliver to Tao Village, but got caught in the blizzard. Elder Shroom followed him and shielded him from the cold at the cost of his own life.

Coliche the Virizion admonishes PK about stealing the Thistle Whistle and reviving Sorbet, and shows no pity towards the consequences. She agrees to help PK only if the Kecleon leaves the Whistle behind.

Prosphora the Ho-oh is shown leaving towards Tao Village due to his detection of a disturbance. Anana the Kecleon sees Prosphora leaving, and follows suit.

Auvin the Moltres is shown bothering Merlot about marriage, but Merlot has no interest in him. Prosphora arrives and antagonizes Merlot for not performing one of her many duties, which has been causing problems near her area of Tao. Prosphora leaves, and Udon enters in a panic. There are intruders in the castle, and they absolutely must be tended to. Merlot heads down to the library and finds Devonshire, who she knows from her childhood as a Marowak Captain. Merlot agrees to house Tao’s residents until the village can be rebuilt as a favor for Devonshire.

Lexy is mistaken for Shinar by Devonshire for a brief moment, and Lexy asks to see his library card. Lexy uses Devonshire’s card to complete his set, causing a safe in the library to unlock. In it was a letter left by the library’s previous curator, Shinar.

PK confronts Sorbet to no avail, and Coliche dives in and takes an attack that would have almost surely been fatal to the small Pokemon. Hearing Coliche’s cries of pain snaps Sorbet out of his Zoroark-driven illusion, and he is able to see the destruction he’s caused. Prosphora the Ho-Oh arrives shortly afterwards and seals Sorbet, returning him to his inanimate orb state. Coliche is taken by Prosphora to his cathedral for healing.


One Accessory Voucher

The Pulled String

Rhodes and Udon find a few of Rhodes’ Sneasel friends held captive by an ex-Slasher gang member. Udon is stopped by a Banette named Gnasher when she attempts to free the Sneasels. Rhodes and the villain-Sneasel have a duel amongst the canopy tops at Gnasher’s suggestion, and Rhodes ends up being the victor. Rhodes ends up convincing the once-villainous Sneasels to abandon their current lifestyle and take to helping people, and to go to Merlot’s castle for accomodations.

Gnasher asks Rhodes to help him find something in the forest, and as they walk, Gnasher is filled with past-life memories that reveal him to be the Weavile, Slasher. He regrets his past life, and claims to be different as a ghost. Taking Rhodes’ torn scarf, he heads back to Tao and repairs it, better than it was.

Bitter Tears

Merlot asks Gunpowder to accompany her to a private spot in her castle, and while there, Gunpowder tells her stories of what Devonshire is like, and how working for him is. It is revealed Merlot has an extreme phobia of leaving the castle grounds, as everyone she ever cared about has ended up dying or never coming back once they leave.

Fight and Flight

After causing a bit of trouble in Tao Village, Cyclone the Swellow, originally from Sonata Forest, was sentenced to a brief period of community service of delivering Pidove Post letters.