Icy Cavern

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Icy Cavern

Part of Tao World

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Direction Very close to the east of Monochrome Tower
To the north of Tao Village
Nearby Landmarks Monochrome Tower
Links Sorbet
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You know, that one place, Monochrome Tower? The cavern next to it? That place? Well, I’d hope you know of it. Anyway, the inner chamber has been sealed for as long as I’ve known of it, but I’ve actually found the key. ~PK

The Icy Cavern is a location just outside of Tao Village, near Monochrome Tower. It is the location of Sorbet the Kyurem's altar, better known as the God Altar, which Coliche the Virizion had been tasked with guarding for centuries. Inside the cavern is a giant, icy maze primarily inhabited by Ghost-type Pokemon, including those who died from being unable to find their way out. It was the primary site of the main mission for Mission 3.

Mission 3

Icy Cavern

Merchant teams had to escort PK to the altar at the core of the cavern. In addition to dealing with Coliche the Virizion, who was attempting to stop them from entering the cavern in the first place, they also had to fight past the spirits of long dead Pokemon who had fallen in the cavern. In the end, they reached the altar before the Rescuers and Rogues could for theirs in Monochrome Tower and awakened Sorbet the Kyurem. However, as a result, PK and many villagers became infected with an ancient disease that Sorbet had been carrying with him.

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