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Like I said, as a composer of PMD-E, I'm happy to serve you melodies that will bring you a new outlook on it!

To download these songs, right click the link, and click on Save as. That should download the song.


Hub Themes

A set of melodies involving themes of villages, towns and cities.

Tao Village - Village of Many Paths The main melody of everyone's favorite village!

Shopping Theme - Payapa Business Expect a revamped version of this as well!

Tao Tenaments - Take a Break It's your home, after all!

Sapling Village - Village of Green Saplings At last, a breezy and relaxing theme.

Steel City - Complex Connection System I still have no idea what Steel City looks like.

Snowy Village - Village of Delectable Snow Also used for Tao Village, Sorbet Version.

Alomomola City - Coral Streets of Luxury ... For some reason I really love making solumn songs...

Alomomola City ( Night ) - Casino Streets of Luxury For people who wanted a more exciting version.

Character Theme Pack

Personal themes of PMD-Explorers NPCs.

PK's Theme - Colorful Payapa Why, it isn't anyone's but PK's theme!

Shroomsworth's Theme - Snazzy Wealth Ding ding, with a few cute accents.

Devonshire's Theme - Personal Retaliation Devonshire's theme. Simple as that.

Devonshire's Theme - Nocturnal Wiseness Wait, he has another one? What?

Devon's Theme - Command of Quiescence Uh, at least it's for his former self, which isn't exactly the same as the current Devonshire...

Merlot's Theme (Child) - Delighting Sight The times where things were all innocent until Shroomsworth came along...

Anana's Theme - Marinade Formosa Anananananananananananana-- KECWOMAN

Chill's Theme - Shards of True Ice ... It's Chill's theme.

Event Themes

Themes that occur at a set time and place.

Whispering Peaks - Harsh Cold Also used for the ruined Tao Village and Ranch in M5.

Mt. Bolero - Burning Escape Also used for the Underground Tunnel in M5.

Chasing Shade - Pursuit at Dusk - Time to show Devonshire what Rescuers are made of!

Prismatic Jungle ( Past ) - Revolving Desperado - Survival is essential in the past, and we should all stick together!

Memories of Charles - Changes by Chances - Surprisingly, blindness reveals history.

Battle Themes


Foo Dojo - Training Session An excellent beat for Master Foo's special training!

Sorbet's Battle Theme - Uncontrollable Temper There will be a second version of this, stay tuned!

Showdown with Ceylon - Skies of the Fallen - A sacrifice must be made, as his blood should scatter. However an unfortunate fate, not going down before he sees who is the better.

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