The Appraising

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The Appraising

Part of Arc 2

Pre-ArcEvent 6.2
Release Date August 15, 2012
End Date August 15, 2012





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Once upon a time, there were three wish-granters who roamed the world, granting the wishes of any Pokemon who sought them out. It Is, who is all types at once, granted them a piece of Its power, and when It Is left to do other work, the three wish-granters were left behind to fulfill the hopes and dreams of Pokemon the world over.

For a while, all was well.

Soon, however, the three became dissatisfied: the work was boring, it was hard, and--worst of all!--It Is had not given them the power to tell the truth in the hearts of others, so that the wishes they granted were often used for petty or evil ends.

That Which Heaved And Quaked was first to become angry, and began to make trouble. That Which Roared and That Which Lit Up The Sky followed in his wake, and it was not long before their wishes granted became wishes much regretted, for though the wishes were indeed made Real as asked, they were but cruel and twisted visions of the Pokemon's desires. These wishes, granted in anger, are why the land to the west no longer grows... but that is a story for another night.

Tonight, child, I will tell you about That Which Lit Up The Sky and the City of Lights.


He brought trouble to the city, and would not leave it alone; though the Master of Lightning had protected it with his lights, It Is' servant made it storm and thunder inside of its walls, and soon the Master became very angry. Every time he would try to catch That Which Lit Up The Sky, however, the wish-granter would leap away in a bolt of lightning, laughing madly, and disappear with the storm. He would not be caught with speed and light alone.

The Master of Lightning knew this, and so he thought. And after thinking for a while, he remembered that a great power had put his progenitor to rest; he asked aloud if this power was still around, and if so, could it help him now?

It Is heard the question, and came to the Master of Lightning, asking what it was he needed. The Master told It Is about his City of Lights, and That Which Lit Up The Sky and the troubles he was having. He wanted this troublemaker to leave.

It Is was already aware of the wish-granters' rebellion, and the Pokemon of all types was much displeased. It kept this to Itself, however, for It Is was wise and saw in the Master's plight a chance to do much good for Itself as well. Giving the Master of Lightning a strange item, It Is told him that what he now held would hold the wish-granter, but that he would have to figure out how to catch it himself--and that it was a great trickster, so he would have to be clever indeed to do it. The Master was all too aware, but thanked It Is, and It Is left to do Its work elsewhere.

Taking the Lamp back to his city, the Master of Lightning sat in thought for a very long time. He did not want to spend too long in thought, for his city was troubled greatly by this mischief-maker, and this in turn troubled him. Nor did he want to think too little, however, for he feared that if he tried and failed, his gift from It Is would be discovered, and he would lose his chance.

Eventually, he had an idea--an idea to create more ideas--and called a meeting in the City of Lights.



Bolt From The Blue spoke to the gathering of Pokemon.

He asked the Pokemon, "The Living Storm has troubled us, do you all not know it?"

They knew it, and agreed.

He asked the Pokemon, "The Living Storm must come to an end, and we must put him to this end ourselves, for no one but us can save us, do you all not know this?"

They knew this, and they agreed.

He told the Pokemon, "I have chased The Living Storm for much time now, and I grow weary of being alone in this game. I must ask you, who of you will help me?"

No Pokemon did offer their help, and Bolt From The Blue was angry. He did not want to save them then, although he had the Kettle from It Is.

"Do you all expect to be saved without lifting a finger? Do you all expect life to be handed to you with no challenge? No effort? Do you all expect everything in return for nothing? I have given you all everything you have today, and none of you offer to help me protect it?"

The Pokemon knew this, and were ashamed. Bolt From The Blue was their master, and he was just and good, and no Pokemon feared him, but The Living Storm was malevolent, and they had much to fear from him.

The Bolt From The Blue spoke again. "What will you all do when The Living Storm causes your homes to fall? Where will all of you go? I will not create a home again for the likes of ungrateful Pokemon, it is too much to bear."

The Bolt From The Blue was about to leave, and leave for good the Pokemon which made no offer to help, but a voice called out before he did. A small Raichu.

"Bolt From The Blue, forgive us, for we are small, and fear easily that which we do not understand. I shall help you, and together we will make a new city, one for both of us."

Bolt From The Blue was appeased. "Fear not, my child, for I have been granted a gift from It Is, and we may end The Living Storm, and he shall trouble us no longer." He looked at the Pokemon who did not offer their help, and they looked ashamed. "You will all be saved today, for I am generous, but know that all of you together are more cowardly than this single Raichu, and I thought more."

The Pokemon were ashamed. They could not bear to see Bolt From The Blue and the lone Raichu go against The Living Storm. They spoke to the Master.

"Bolt From The Blue, we are afraid, and we are cowards, but we will have nowhere else to go should The Living Storm ends our city, we will help."

Bolt From The Blue was pleased. "Then we will make a trap for The Living Storm. You will proclaim that I have left you all in anger, and you will all wail and gnash your teeth, for it must be a grand show, a show that convinces The Living Storm that it is true and I am gone. When he enters our city, you must crown him as your True Master and King, and offer yourselves to him, and he must be pleased. You will praise him and pay him tributes, and one tribute will be what It Is has given to me, fashioned into a crown for a king."

The Pokemon were frightened at this plan, but Bolt From The Blue was their master, and he was true and good, and would never cause harm to them, not in a thousand years. They bid him farewell and wished him much luck on his journey away from them, for The Living Storm would know if their Bolt From The Blue was close, so he must leave them for a while.

The Master's plan worked, for after a while The Living Storm came to them again, as he always did, to ruin their city and harm the Pokemon. The Pokemon cried out, "Our Master has left us in anger, for we would not help him when he needed us." The Living Storm was pleased, and offered to be their King, and in return he would no longer cause them harm, and falsely promised them to grant their wishes.

The Pokemon rejoiced. "We have a Master again, hail to him! We shall pay you tribute, our King, for you will surely be just and good, and better in all ways from our old Master, who abandoned us."

The Living Storm was proclaimed Ruler of the City of Lights, and was fooled by the admiration of all the Pokemon in the city. He accepted their tributes greedily, not caring what they were, for he was their Master.

Much tribute was given to and enjoyed by The Living Storm, and the Pokemon laid at his feet a crown as their final offering, for a King without a crown is hardly a King at all, they said. He placed the crown upon his head and was drawn into it at once and was trapped forever, for it was fashioned from the gift that It Is gave their true Master.
The Pokemon were happy, and much celebration was had, and their Bolt From The Blue returned, and all was good again.


With That Which Lit Up The Sky trapped in the Lamp, The Master of Lightning called It Is, who thanked him for catching his rogue creation, and said that the Master could have something that he desired--a wish. The Master asked what would become of the wish-granter, but It Is ignored him. The Master asked again, for he wanted to use That Which Lit Up The Sky's powers to keep his city generating even more electricity, to fill his City of Lights with even more light. It Is said nothing, however, for he knew that wasn’t the Master's wish.

Finally, the Master admitted he was having trouble in his quest to create Life out of Light. Everything he tried came to nothing, and he had been trying for a very long time. If he could find that first light--that inspiration--he would be very pleased. He knew it was unlikely, but he asked if It Is could give him enlightenment, and help him create the first Life out of Light.

It Is asked the Master of Lightning if he would share a piece of his power, and the Master, surprised, said that yes, if it would help. It Is took the power and a Pillar was formed, there in the center of the City of Lights, made in the likeness of the Master himself.

The Lamp was gone. At first the Master of Lightning was very alarmed, but It Is told him that the statue would be a source of Light and Energy for the city, and suddenly the feeling of creativity and inspiration touched the Master--suddenly, he felt he knew how to bring Life to his lights. Excusing himself, he left, leaving It Is behind in his haste.

And that very night, child, The Master of Lightning made the first Life out of Light.

The first Porygon.